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“No Such Thing as Can’t” for Special Tag Developments at Joaneo

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“No Such Thing as Can’t” for Special Tag Developments at Joaneo

100 % Customizable, Flexible RFID and NFC Solutions

  • Tailored UHF and NFC inlays
  • Small production runs possible
  • Paper-based, recyclable inlays
  • Eco-friendly production in Luxembourg

At Joaneo, there is no “one size fits all” solution. With know-how and expertise on the latest in printed electronics, Joaneo is the go-to partner for the development of custom, eco-friendly UHF and NFC inlays. All inlays are produced in company-owned facilities in Luxembourg.

17 Oct 2023 - Collaborative Creation of Secure Docs and Smart Tickets by Joaneo

Flexible Production and Customer Support

Joaneo manufactures UHF and NFC inlays specifically to customer requirements. At Joaneo, there is no such thing as ‘can’t’. All inlays are designed either from scratch, or are adapted from existing base designs according to customer specifications. “With a substrate and IC agnostic approach, our goal is to mix and match different substrates (paper, PET, PP and Teslin®), inks, and ICs in order to find the right solution for our customers,” says Joachim Priem, Business Development Manager at Joaneo.

Being close to customers, Joaneo is able to respond quickly to customer inquiries. Prototypes can be delivered in just two days thanks to the company’s own rapid prototyping process. The minimum commitment for production is quite low which is a benefit for many customers.

Unique RFID Solutions

In terms of unique RFID solutions, the experts at Joaneo are only limited by the boundaries of physics. From the first point of contact, to the first prototype, to production and the final inlay, Joaneo supports customers every step of the way. A wide variety of production options are possible: dry and wet inlays, roll-to-roll and sheet-to-sheet printing, as well as adaptable layout and antenna positioning on the substrate. Client projects may be simply aiming to reduce carbon footprint by replacing traditionally sourced PET inlays from overseas, or for the entire development of a custom solution. Such could be in mould, on-metal, or on-body UHF tags that are developed in partnership with the entire eco-system required to create innovative RFID solutions.

Eco-Friendly Production

Joaneo uses FSC-certified paper in the production of its recyclable paper-based inlays. In company-owned production facilities, their additive printing technology uses no water, no vacuum and no chemicals, resulting in very little waste compared to other techniques, such as etching. Raw materials are sourced locally and the inlays are produced and shipped from Luxembourg, resulting in reduced transportation costs and a low carbon footprint.

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Joachim Priem
Joachim Priem
Business Development Manager
Capellen, Luxembourg
Scott Garlick
Scott Garlick
Head of Sales & Marketing
Capellen, Luxembourg
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