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Neosid Expands Portfolio of NFC-Enabled TAGs

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Neosid Expands Portfolio of NFC-Enabled TAGs

Demand for NFC Reading Capability in Transponders Increases

Neosid is a specialist for electronic components, including RFID tags for the tagging of metallic objects. Miniaturized tags in the NFC range for special applications are currently in particularly high demand.

15 Jan 2024 - Connectivity in Dental Production

NFC Reading Capability Dominates in Demand

Over the past two years, Neosid has steadily expanded its product range in the field of HF and NFC. Transponders that can be written to and read from smartphones, and miniaturized special antennas for RFID readers are among them. The electronics specialist is thus responding to the changing demand from customers who increasingly want to carry out write and read processes with their smartphones.

New 10 mm Diameter NFC Transponder

The NeoTAG® Plug FG/MFG10340 is an NFC-enabled transponder. With a diameter of 10.3 mm and a height of 4 mm, it is one of Neosid's TAGs that can be attached with the simplest of tools. This is because the drill hole into which this transponder is pressed is standard on many machines and tools. The transponder can be read with a smartphone or other NFC-enabled devices. "The 10 mm," as the transponder is called, is currently in high demand.

Transponder, Cable Tie, Smartphone – Done!

The NeoTAG® Flag series transponders have a special design that allows users to attach the transponder without tools using a cable tie or other common fasteners. The small NeoTAG® Flag FG5242 SLIX is only 11.2 mm long, 5.15 mm wide and 4.15 mm high. The transponder's housing is equipped with an opening in the form of an eyelet. The larger NeoTAG® Flag FG7678 also has an opening through which the fastener can be passed. The uncomplicated attachment to the desired object can be carried out quickly. Both special transponders can be written to and read by smartphone.

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Matthias Höß
Matthias Höß
Manager R&D and Project Management
Halver, Germany
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Yilmaz Benzer
Managing Director
Halver, Germany
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