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RFID in Standard Mold Units and Mold Production

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RFID in Standard Mold Units and Mold Production

Small Transponders for End-to-End Tool Lifecycle Data

At a glance:

  • Lifecycle data of tools with HF/NFC transponders 
  • Readable at close range with smartphone and/or reader
  • Transparency and digital product file 
  • Data retention time: Up to 50 years

Neosid manufactures special RFID transponders that enable producers and users of standard components to always find the right one among thousands of different types of standard components. Manufacturers of standard components use the RFID system in their own production process; users benefit from the digital product file in the finished tool that they later use.

15 Jan 2024 - Connectivity in Dental Production

Transponders for Standard Mold Units

Neosid's product portfolio includes a series of high-performance miniaturized on-metal transponders that are used in the production of standard mold units. The most commonly used are the NeoTAG® Plug MFG6340 with a diameter of 6 millimeters, the NeoTAG® Plug MFG8336 with a diameter of 8 millimeters and the NeoTAG® Plug MFG10340 with a diameter of 10 millimeters. They have a plastic housing and are pressed into the holes provided. They are HF/NFC-capable transponders that can be read at close range using a reader or smartphone. The even smaller NeoTAG® Plug MFG4335 with a diameter of 4 millimetres can also be used for the identification of standard components. It should be read with a suitable reader.

Advantages of Labeling

The standard mold unit is electronically visible with the transponder. The stored data includes processing steps, maintenance cycles, production cycles and the frequency of use of the tool produced with the standard component. Honing tools, for example, can be used 20,000 to 50,000 times before they need to be replaced. Thanks to the consistent labeling, quality and life cycle issues can be quickly clarified with a glance at the digital product file of the standard component.

Transparent Tool Data Over the Entire Lifetime 

The NeoTAG® Plug transponders have an exceptionally long product life. If the tool in which they are integrated is only used in the ideal temperature range of -40 to +55°C, the transponder will last just as long as the tool itself. Excellent reading quality and reading convenience can then be provided for up to 50 years.

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NeoTAG® Plug
Miniature Transponder NeoTAG®
NeoTAG® Plug FG/MFG10340
NeoTAG® Flag FG5242
Matthias Höß
Matthias Höß
Manager R&D and Project Management
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Yilmaz Benzer
Managing Director
Halver, Germany
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