SMSH UHF RFID Antenna Family

SMSH UHF RFID Antenna Family

This is how material flow control works today - selective recording and transparent presentation.

Shelving systems are a frequently used storage space in production and logistics to store semi-finished parts or production material, and in the automotive industry to supply the worker at the assembly line.

The UHF RFID antenna family from Kathrein is an ideal expansion for track and trace applications. The simple shelf space is converted into an intelligent reading system that automatically registers bundles and containers. The data obtained in this way makes the material flow transparent and allows for an optimization of the replenishment control.

Michael Kaiser

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Michael Kaiser
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Key Facts

The SMSH Antenna Family from Kathrein Solutions impresses with unique functions to turn a shelf space into an intelligent recording system for logistics and production. The selective antenna field allows the detection range of the UHF RFID transponders to be very precisely limited and is not changed even by persons in the vicinity.

The CrossReading known from other systems, in which reading areas overlap on the shelf and misreadings occur, is prevented with these antennas thanks to the system. The reading results can be clearly assigned to the shelf space.

Application Fields

With a reader from Kathrein, the SMSH Antennas are used in eKanban systems in the automotive industry. The SMSH system can also be used in logistics to commission goods. In this case, the individual storage locations are read sequentially and a virtual image of the shelf with every part on it is created.

For this purpose, the CrossTalk software from Kathrein is best suited to transfer the raw data as business events to the customer's backend system. The slim design of the antenna allows existing shelves to be retrofitted to reduce investment costs.

Kathrein Solutions is revolutionizing the way of working with RFID, AutoID, sensors and RTLS technologies and has become a recognized innovator and market-leader in the AutoID sector.

We are the leading AutoID hardware and software solution provider for

  • Manufacturing & Logistics
  • Healthcare
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems

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