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Dietmar Mönning, Managing Director, Tönnjes E.A.S.T.

For over 20 years we have developed and installed international vehicle registration systems. Our expertise in this field is unique around the world and we are represented on each continent with our technologies and security systems. In many countries we already have complex tailor-made solutions in place on behalf of local authorities in the field of vehicle registration.

Dietmar Mönning, Managing Director, Tönnjes E.A.S.T.

Tönnjes E.A.S.T.

Trend-Setting Vehicle Identication Via Radio Communication

As a leading supplier of security vehicle license plates, Tönnjes E.A.S.T. offers their customers vehicle identification solutions for a wide range of requirements. The RFID products IDePLATE (RFID license plate) and IDeSTIX (RFID windscreen sticker) are used to protect against manipulation, fraud and theft.

Equipped with the latest technologies, the company develops modular systems and individual complete solutions for the production and distribution of license plates that meet specific requirements in the fields of security, organization and logistics.

Security license plates, vehicle identification & registration

As one of the leading suppliers worldwide of security license plates as well as vehicle registration and identification systems, the Tönnjes Group focuses on the customer-specific development of international vehicle registration systems through its export companies for protecting the vehicle registration as well as subsequent identification of the “national vehicle fleet” against attempts at manipulation, counterfeiting and theft.

There are currently more than 1,500 employees working in over 30 locations on five continents, relying on worldwide networked development, production and system integration to ensure that vehicles are protected for their owners through our technology and security solutions while criminal acts are made more difficult at the same time.

Electronic vehicle identification via RFID

Using the latest technologies based on passive RFID and cryptographic authentication, Tönnjes provides customer specific solutions for international vehicle registration and identification. By using passive RFID-Transponder with additional security standards, like the UCODE DNA, Tönnjes offers a wide range of applications and benefits for Road Transport Authorities and ITS Operators.

In the context of technology transfer, we offer you the following products, services and machines:

  • Consultancy on modern counterfeit and tamper-proof vehicle registration and identification systems including high security license plates
  • Planning and technical support for national specifications for vehicle registration products
  • Presentations of customized solutions for the national vehicle registration process
  • Project implementation with local partners in a joint venture company
  • Investment and technology transfer for local production
  • Production installations and machines for number plate manufacture

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Dietmar Mönning
Dietmar Mönning
Managing Director
Delmenhorst, Germany
Jochen Betz
Jochen Betz
Managing Director
Delmenhorst, Germany

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