RFID & Wireless IoT Global Issue 04-2022
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Livestream: New IoT Trends 2023 for Retail & Agriculture

Enhance Supermarkets, Warehouses and Supply Chain with the IoT

What are the IoT trends 2023 in retail, food logistics and agriculture? How does technology help to increase profits, customer experience and supply chain transparency? The answers await on Janaury 25th. A livestream showcases real use cases, best practice and trends.

27 Jan 2023 - Livestream: New IoT Trends 2023 for Retail & Agriculture

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Experts present Real IoT Use Cases and Best Practice

Learn how to optimize your retail, food logistics or agricultural business with IoT technology. Improve your profits. Eliminate losses and human error. Boost customer satisfaction. Simplify your work processes. Raise employee morale. Seven experts explain how it works.

Stay up to date with the latest trends for retail, food logistics and agriculture:

  • FMCG tracking and temperature monitoring with recyclable transport packaging.
  • Grocery retail automation and RFID-enabled self-service stores.
  • 5G applications in supermarkets and food logistics.
  • Tracking wine cases with Sigfox and LoRaWAN.
  • How to make warehouse logistics efficient with RFID and UWB.
  • Blockchain and NFTs for product authentication.
  • How IoT sensors help to improve animal health and well-being.

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Think WIOT Day Retail + Food Logistics + Agriculture + Wireless IoT Technologies

18 Jan 2023 - Webinar: How to Improve Livestock Yields with IoT Technology

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Anja Van Bocxlaer
Anja Van Bocxlaer
Editor in chief and Conference Manager
Lüneburg, Germany
Vanessa Tan
Vanessa Tan
Editor & Marketing Manager
Lüneburg, Germany
Rena Garbe-Emden
Rena Garbe-Emden
Graphics Specialist
Lüneburg, Germany
Friedrich Matthias Jung
Friedrich Matthias Jung
Lüneburg, Germany
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