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NXP Accelerates 5G Designs with RapidRF

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NXP Accelerates 5G Designs with RapidRF

New 2nd Generation RapidRF Reference Board Ready to Use!

As Open RAN (O-RAN) continues to be deployed across the world, NXP enables faster 5G O-RAN deployments by creating enhanced reference designs. This includes an RF approach into customer designs with the RapidRF Smart LDMOS Front-End Solutions known as the 'SL Series'.

Blog Post by Megan Faust, Tactical Marketer Radio Power Solutions, NXP Semiconductors

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NXP’s 2nd generation RapidRF front-end reference board has been designed to save board space, reduce overall complexity and provide a complete ready-to-use circuit for TDD cellular applications. Like previous generations, this 2nd generation RapidRF implements fully matched amplifiers 50 ohms in and 50 ohms out. This allows for a complete line-up with no tuning required for ease of use.

The 2nd generation RapidRF now also includes a PA module with integrated autobias control that is factory preset for the optimal bias point, or it can be adjusted by the programmable serial interface to adjust for each application. The integrated autobias control has a novel closed-looped feedback circuit that adjusts the LDMOS gate voltage to maintain a constraint quiescent bias current for continuous temperature tracking. The integrated precise temperature sensor can be accessed via the serial interface for closely monitoring the PA’s operating temperature.

With NXP’s full TX/RX line-up already implemented within the board, it streamlines 5G mMIMO radio designs because of its smaller, light weight assembly. The series is ideally suited for massive MIMO radio units (64T64R), outdoor small cells and as drivers for high-power macro base stations.

No Compromise on Performance

The RapidRF design offers an overall compact footprint that still delivers on performance. Its integrated Doherty power amplifier is in a 10mm x 8mm package that delivers 40% efficiency at rated power. The design also includes a linear pre-driver, Rx LNA with T/R switch and a circulator.

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The RapidRF front-end designs are ideal for 5G radio units requiring 2.5 to 8 Watts (34-39 dBm) average transmit power at the antenna. Versions for multiple bands use a common PCB layout, simplifying both design and manufacturing for faster time-to-market.

Key Features

  • Complete TX/RX/RFF TDD front end
    • Power Amplifier with autobias controller (A3M36SL039, A3M39SL039 and A3M36SL037)
    • Tx pre-driver (BTS6201U)
    • Rx analog front-end IC with LNA/Tx switch (BTS7203U)
  • Up to 400 MHz RF instantaneous bandwidth
  • Integrated temperature compensated autobias
  • Band change requirements of only 2 components
  • Open RAN proprietary radio access networks
  • Dual channel Rx module


  • Common footprint for multiple bands and power configurations
  • Highly integrated devices reduce BOM
  • Simplified manufacturing: no production tuning or calibration needed
  • Compact solution with broadband performance
  • Simple dual supply design

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