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NXP Powers New Xiaomi PonPon Tile 2.0 Stickers to Seamlessly Connect the Smart Home (Image: NXP Semiconductors)

NXP Powers New Xiaomi PonPon Tile 2.0 Stickers

Seamlessly Connecting the Smart Home!

NXP Semiconductors (NASDAQ: NXPI) and Xiaomi Inc. has announced that the companies are making everyday life smarter and easier to manage with the new Xiaomi PonPon Tile 2.0 stickers, powered by NXP’s NTAG® NFC chip technology.

The PonPon stickers and Xiaomi’s Mijia (Mi Home) app work with a multitude of Xiaomi Mi smart home devices, such as lighting, security cameras, alarm clocks and entertainment systems. Configuring and managing the devices is all done with a simple tap of a Xiaomi NFC-enabled smartphone.

Mr. Fan Dian, GM of MIoT & Chairman of AIoT Technical Committee with Xiaomi commented, "NXP is an important partner of Xiaomi as we share a common goal to provide people with a smarter, safer and more convenient life through technology. In the past decade, many of Xiaomi's innovations could not have been achieved without NXP's strong support, and Xiaomi will continue working with NXP in the future to bring more exciting technology to people's lives."

  • NXP’s NFC technology is opening up use cases and applications to deliver brand new user experiences, such as enabling Xiaomi’s PonPon Tile 2.0 stickers to make everyday life at home smarter and easier with a simple tap using a NFC phone
  • Xiaomi’s new NFC-enabled PonPon Tile 2.0 stickers and Mijia (Mi Home) mobile app help consumers easily configure and manage Xiaomi devices at home, such as lighting, door locks, alarms, TVs, speakers and more–without being a technical expert
  • Xiaomi’s PonPon Tile 2.0 stickers are enabled by NXP’s powerful, passive NTAG ICs that provide different levels of functionality and security to deliver new user experiences 

A smarter, connected home with just a tap 

To set up smart home devices, users configure tasks using Xiaomi’s PonPon Tile 2.0 stickers and the Mijia (Mi Home) mobile app, which in turn links to the Xiaomi IoT platform to interpret commands and transfer instructions to the devices. PonPon Tile 2.0 stickers support quick configuration of single and multiple tasks, along with easy Wi-Fi and Bluetooth pairing for smart nodes.

The Mijia (Mi Home) app is user-friendly and easy to navigate for creating and saving numerous commands across device categories. Users simply tap their Xiaomi phone that is running the Mijia (Mi Home) app to trigger, configure and modify various actions in their smart home. After placing the stickers in multiple convenient locations throughout the home, users tap to access their custom settings. 

Configured in seconds, the Mijia (Mi Home) app and NXP-powered PonPon Tile 2.0 stickers allow users to: 

  • Add new smart home devices with a few clicks
  • Control devices from anywhere with their phone
  • Orchestrate several home devices for a comprehensive set of tasks
  • Get the status of different devices in real time
  • Share access to smart devices with friends and family members

Xiaomi’s new PonPon Tile 2.0 stickers and Mijia (Mi Home) app allow users to easily configure many smart home devices to work together to accomplish specific, combined tasks at specific times. Based on their preferences, users can create different scenarios for welcome-home, away-from-home and numerous other settings, such as dimming or turning off lights, locking doors, setting playlists and alarms and waking up the TV.

The PonPon Tile 2.0 solution vastly reduces the complexity for users to achieve their desired setup by sparing them from time-consuming and frustrating setup processes. Instead, users can quickly take advantage of the convenience and many options that smart home devices provide to help them save energy, feel safe and enjoy life. 

“NXP offers a leading portfolio of end-to-end NFC solutions for linking the digital and physical worlds with an extensive range of hardware, software, security and service solutions,” said Philippe Dubois, Vice President and General Manager of IoT Security and Smart Mobility and Retail at NXP Semiconductors.

“For over ten years, NXP and Xiaomi have been collaborating on mobile payments, intelligent audio, fast charging solutions, secure IoT and much more. PonPon Tile 2.0 stickers have been developed as a smart shortcut for easy access and use of all Mi Home devices, enhancing peoples’ comfort, safety and entertainment throughout the home. We look forward to continued collaboration on new ideas that brighten and simplify people’s everyday lives.”

NFC NTAGs from NXP are passively powered, NFC Forum Tag certified and offer a combination of functionality and security attributes. The NFC tags feature protected on-chip storage of NDEF formatted data for Xiaomi mobile phones to read, interpret and re-write NDEF commands and data using the Mijia (Mi Home) app as well as conduct a variety of functions. The NTAG product line also allows Xiaomi to support advanced customization to continually deliver new user experiences. 

Xiaomi PonPon Tile 2.0 stickers can be purchased at any Xiaomi retail store or online in China. Additional distribution channels and markets will be announced over the next year. 

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