Traceability of Deer Products from New Zealand
  • Traceability of Deer Products from New Zealand
  • Traceability of Deer Products from New Zealand
  • Traceability of Deer Products from New Zealand
Inventory tracking

Traceability of Deer Products from New Zealand

The Deer Industry New Zealand (DINZ) organization will track deer velvet inventory movements across New Zealand using UHF RFID technology in 2021.

The objective is to ensure food safety and traceability of all exported velvet antlers. The digital velvet antler traceability system is scheduled to be rolled out across New Zealand in 2021. VelTrak will become mandatory as an industry standard across New Zealand for all exporters to meet regulatory traceability requirements.

DINZ supports the development of New Zealand's deer industry. This includes the research and promotion of the production of quality products such as deer meat and deer velvet. The DINZ organization is dedicated to promoting a beneficial policy and trade environment for all stakeholders. With an increase of NZD 55 million in the last eight years, New Zealand deer velvet is a growing industry.

Process Requirements

Manual documentation of velvet antler tracking is increasingly inefficient for the growing industry. A reliable traceability system is critical to the growth of the industry. The authenticity of the velvet skin should be proven. In the event of food contamination, products must be able to be recalled immediately.

Objectives of the Deer Industry

  • Proving the authenticity of deer velvet
  • Optimizing inventory accuracy
  • Protecting the image and interests of the deer velvet industry in New Zealand

The DINZ Solution

The DINZ organization uses the VelTrak solution. The system consists of a closed portal with integrated UHF RFID antennas and a UHF RFID reader that can accurately read even densely packed liquid objects. UHF RFID ensures the tracking of up to 1,000 tagged objects with minimal manual effort.

Each deer velvet stick can be traced and located. Storage locations of the deer velvet are documented. In the event of a product recall, therefore, only those containers that are proven to contain contaminated velvet need to be removed from sale.

DINZ forecasts the use of 400,000 UHF RFID tags per year to label all deer products. Animal welfare and food safety regulations, as well as quality assurance standards, are to be met, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Technology Partner

Hardware & Software

  • Times-7 – SlimLine A5060 Antennas


  • Tracking of high value goods
  • Proof of product authenticity
  • Optimized inventory accuracy
  • Optimization of product recalls

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