Identification and Tagging of Spectacles with RFID
  • Identification and Tagging of Spectacles with RFID
  • Identification and Tagging of Spectacles with RFID
  • Identification and Tagging of Spectacles with RFID
Spectacles Tagging

Identification and Tagging of Spectacles with RFID

Hans Anders Nederland B.V. is a Dutch retailer of ophthalmic optics and hearing aids. The product range includes spectacles, sunglasses, contact lenses and hearing aids. The company sells these products in a total of 400 stores in the Netherlands and Belgium, as well as through an online store.

An annual inventory count is performed in each of the 400 stores. The company's goal is to optimize this process with an automated inventory counting solution that will increase inventory accuracy and reduce the time spent on inventory.

(Image Sources: Hans Anders Nederland B.V., Zebra Technologies)

Process Requirements

The inventory of spectacle frames in particular takes a lot of time, as the product identification number is only shown on the inside of the spectacle frame as standard. For inventory counting, personnel must remove each pair of glasses individually from the glasses rack and record the identification number. The company's goal is to eliminate the need to manually remove spectacle frames from the glasses rack in the inventory count.

Objectives of Hans Anders

  • To reduce the time required for inventory counting
  • To increase inventory accuracy
  • To identify spectacle frames without removal from the glasses rack
  • To optimize customer service and consultation

The Hans Anders Solution

All spectacle frames are equipped with an RFID and barcode label, which stores information such as the item number, spectacle model and sales price. In addition, each label has a unique code that allows each frame to be precisely identified.

An RFID-enabled mobile computer is used to scan the tags. Each mobile computer is used in several stores for inventory counting. When transferred to another store, the mobile computer is registered at the respective location and is ready for use.

During scanning, the spectacle frames remain on the glasses rack, and the information of each spectacle frame is captured. Data is transferred in real time to the company's ERP inventory system. Product availability is increased due to the increased inventory accuracy, allowing the company to manage online orders with products from the stores and ship them or make them available for pickup.

Technology Partner

Hardware & Software

  • Zebra Technologies – ZT400 RFID Printer
  • Zebra Technologies – Mobile Computer TC25
  • CaptureTech – CaptureTech Protect


  • Time required for inventory counting is reduced
  • Inventory accuracy is increased
  • Spectacle frames are identified without removal from the glasses rack
  • Customer service and consulting are optimized
  • Product availability is increased across multiple sales channels

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