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Tools for Digital Manufacturing from SAP at Think WIOT Day

OPC UA, International Data Spaces, Management Shell, Container Architectures and Much More!

Lecture by Rüdiger Fritz on March 17th

Rüdiger Fritz, Director Product Management, SAP will be speaking on the topic of "Tools for Industry 4.0" on March 17th.

These "tools" for the digital transformation of the automotive industry include, for example, cloud architectures, container technology, standardization in general, OPC UA in particular, open source, management shell concepts and International Data Spaces. A variety of tools are available for designing open and flexible system architectures in industrial production. Which tools are best suited to meet the challenges of a digital transformation?

Join the livestream conference "Knowledge for Automotive and Industrial Production" on March 17th and get all the details from the experts first hand!

Bringing Together Data from a Variety of Sources

The benefits of Industry 4.0: Optimizing manufacturing processes and, above all, making them more flexible, increasing employee productivity, and unlocking new business models. "With cloud-based IoT and MES platforms and architectures, companies will be able to control and network their manufacturing processes in the future. Interoperability will be improved based on increased standardization.

Data will be analyzed in real time and appropriate actions can be derived directly from it. The management shell in particular will enable arbitrary views of data from a variety of sources.

The management shell can map the idea of the digital twin of components, machines or products to other phases of the object lifecycle and at the same time standardize views on other aspects - including, for example, procurement history, depreciation history, ownership constellations and much more," explains Rüdiger Fritz.

Be Part of the Experience - Live!

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Don't miss the lecture by Rüdiger Fritz and other experts from the field of automotive production and industrial IoT.

The complete program and further information can be found here.

We look forward to welcoming you at the Think WIOT Day "Knowledge for Automotive and Industrial Production" on March 17th, 2021!

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