NFC + App + Fashion
  • NFC + App + Fashion
  • NFC + App + Fashion
  • NFC + App + Fashion
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NFC + App + Fashion

The Swiss Mammut Sports Group developed a digital system consisting of tagged clothing and an app.

Via smartphone tap, customers can access additional information, services and after-sales offers for outdoor products.

Mammut, a Swiss outdoor company founded in 1862, produces shoes and clothing. The brand is sold in around 40 countries. 820 employees work for Mammut Sports.

Process Requirements

Customer contact usually ends directly after product purchase. The aim at Mammut Sports was to generate feedback on products directly from the customer. The experience of customers was a factor in the development of new and improved mountaineering products. The exchange with customers and the development of communication channels were the objective.


  • Linking of products with their owner
  • Creating a digital world of experience for mountain sports enthusiasts
  • Support customer loyalty and brand communication through digital added value


NFC tags are integrated into selected garments in the Mammut portfolio during production.

Once a user has installed the Mammut Connect app on an iOS- or Android-based smartphone, different usage options are available:

  • Warranty extension of the tapped product to 5 years
  • Advice for use and maintenance of the product
  • Communication of active feedback on the product
  • Keeping a personal, digital summit diary with pictures and route maps
  • Membership in the online community
  • Access to news and background information from the mountain sports sector

Technology Partner

Hardware & Software


For Mammut:

  • Increased customer identification with product and brand
  • Information on product use
  • Feedback on products from customers

For customers:

  • Warranty extension to 5 years with registration of the purchased product
  • Use of digital services and content
  • Active influence on product development

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