Phil Walker, CEO, Extronics

Hazardous area data is one of the most valuable resources for a company to access. Information on the efficiency and status of machinery, the location and wellbeing of personnel, scheduling and organising maintenance, and more – it all contributes towards maintaining productivity and safety.

Connectivity is crucial in modern industry, as shown; why should hazardous areas remain in isolation?

Extronics has been leading the way in hazardous area wireless since the launch of our first ATEX certified wireless solution in 2005. We’re continually building on this experience and have formed technical partnerships with providers such as Cisco, Aruba, Siemens, ProSoft, and more.

Our team works with you to understand your individual requirements and make sure you have the right solution for your application. Each solution is tailored to suit your needs, combining Extronics’ expert knowledge of hazardous and industrial environments with the latest technology. The majority of our solutions are developed from the ground up by our experienced R&D and engineering teams. The quality is built in by our in-house production crew, and rigorously checked before dispatch.

Phil Walker, CEO, Extronics

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Passive RFID Tracking Solutions

Low cost, passive RFID has historically struggled to perform in hazardous areas such as the petrochemical industry because of interference from metals and liquids and the heavy, awkward nature of available readers.

Not any more: Extronics provides a range of fully certified passive RFID tags that are low-cost and high performance in industrial environment, and versatile RFID reader options for maximum operational flexibility and integration with Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 systems.

These passive solutions allow customers to track assets and manage their supply chain with high accuracy.


AeroScout technology provides real-time location for assets and personnel, helping you improve safety, streamline operations, and increase productivity.

  • Industry proven – AeroScout solutions are operational around the world
  • Locate your assets and personnel proactively to reduce downtime and increase efficiency
  • Protect your people – react quickly to emergencies and send help directly where it’s needed
  • Leverage the same Wi-Fi network for AeroScout and for other applications, such as communication, to improve ROI

Extronics and AeroScout first joined forces back in 2005, with Extronics developing versions of key AeroScout products that were suitable for use in hazardous area applications, as well as providing hazardous area certified wireless deployments.

In 2015, Extronics took over the development, sales, and support of AeroScout solutions for industrial customers after signing an international agreement with STANLEY Black & Decker, owners of the AeroScout technology. STANLEY Healthcare continues to provide AeroScout RTLS for healthcare customers and we work closely together to develop the technology further, signing a new multi-year partnership agreement in 2018.

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Sales Team
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