Stefan Berthmann, Regional Sales Manager, Impinj

The Impinj platform uses RAIN (UHF Gen2) RFID to enable wireless connectivity to billions of everyday items such as apparel, race bibs, golf balls, and luggage, and delivers each item’s unique identity, location, and authenticity to business and consumer applications. The Impinj platform comprises three layers that together connect items to applications:

  • Software: Our software provides easy access and control of readers and gateways with simple integration into existing systems enabling inventory and asset management, omnichannel fulfillment, and loss analytics.
  • Connectivity: Our family of reader chips, readers, and gateways wirelessly identify, locate, authenticate, and engage RAIN RFID tags enabling inventory monitoring, transition detection, tag encoding, and RTLS.
  • Endpoint ICs: Our family of tag chips provide a unique identifier and deliver unique identification, high performance, flexible memory options, and extended features including privacy and security to RAIN RFID tags.

Impinj is a leading provider and pioneer of RAIN RFID. Our vision is digital life for everyday items. We connect everyday items to the digital world allowing businesses to analyze and use data about those items to improve efficiencies, increase sales, and delight customers. Our global partner ecosystem provides solutions for retail, healthcare, supply chain and logistics, industrial manufacturing, and more.

Stefan Berthmann, Regional Sales Manager, Impinj

Supplier Excellence


Application Fields


Item Intelligence for the Internet of Things

If you’ve purchased apparel from a major retailer like Macy’s or Zara, run a race like the New York City Marathon, enjoyed a drink from a Coca-Cola Freestyle soda fountain, or checked bags at airports worldwide like Las Vegas McCarran then you’ve probably interacted with Impinj. Our platform enables wireless connectivity to billions of everyday items such as apparel, race bibs, golf balls, and luggage and delivers each item’s unique identity, location, and authenticity to business and consumer applications.

Markets We Serve

Supply Chain & Logistics:

When supply chain and logistics companies have accurate real-time information about the parts, packages and assets that move through their operation and supply chain they can operate with greater efficiency and accuracy. The Impinj platform allows companies to optimize operations, increase efficiency, and reduce cost with shipment verification, asset management, and warehouse inventory location tracking.


Retailers consume billions of RAIN RFID tags each year to obtain real- time information about the products they manufacture, transport and sell. The Impinj platform allows retailers to improve inventory visibility, reduce out-of-stocks, enable omnichannel fulfillment, enhance shopping experiences, and prevent loss.


The healthcare industry is increasingly focusing on patient quality-of-care with hospitals and healthcare providers facing increasing pressure to obtain real-time data about assets, inventory, staff, and patients. The Impinj platform allows healthcare providers to automate asset and inventory management, improve process flow, increase charge capture, and improve patient experience.

RAIN RFID Robot Prevents Misplaced Items @ Decathlon

Decathlon has arrived in America Heralded as the Ikea of outdoor equipment, Decathlon has 1,444 stores throughout almost 50 countries. With everything from a $3 backpack to higher end tents and bicycles, their position as an affordable, high-quality sporting goods store is cemented across the world. However, the sports equipment behemoth only recently crossed into the United States. In 2017, Decathlon opened their first US Lab Store in San Francisco and will be opening their first full-scale store in April 2019 in Emeryville, California. The 47,000 square foot flagship store will feature more than 10,000 products for over 80 different sports, with more available online.

NASA Scientists Use RAIN RFID to Monitor Spacecraft Temperatures

Impinj Monza X-8K Dura tag chip allows NASA to wirelessly monitor hull temperatures on upcoming mission spacecraft. NASA needed a new way to gather critical sensor data on spacecraft while meeting their precise specifications. NASA considered many technologies, and ultimately, selected the Impinj Monza® X-8K Dura RAIN RFID tag chip for their sensor tag. The tag chip enables a durable, low-mass solution that can last for years without any regular maintenance. The solution provides: Low-mass that does not unnecessarily take up space Passive tags able to operate independently for years Ability to withstand harsh environments in space Tag chip that meets strict NASA requirements and quality assurance

Stefan Berthmann
Stefan Berthmann
Regional Sales Manager
Munich, Germany
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