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Pranay Seth, General Manager (Sales and Marketing), Omnia Technologies

Omnia has become a trusted partner for system integrators and solution providers across the globe and boasts of being the pioneer of RFID technology in India. We have the expertise and enthusiasm to fulfil complex and challenging RFID tag requirements and we are committed to operate in a way which provides the best possible added value for our customers and the community.

Pranay Seth, General Manager (Sales and Marketing), Omnia Technologies

Omnia Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Established in 2005, Omnia Technologies is a leading manufacturer of RFID Tags for auto identification and tracking. Our R&D center comprising of modern technology and led by a proficient team, has successfully developed many new designs as per industry requirements.

Our product portfolio includes:

  • Over 70 different RFID tags in various frequencies: LF, HF & UHF.
  • Customized RFID tags according to the specific requirement.
  • NFC tags
  • IoT-based sensors

Who We Are?

Omnia is a global manufacturer of Passive RFID Tags recognized for innovation, high quality, international standards, and competitive prices. India's first UHF RFID tag was created in Omnia's very own RFID lab.

Our state-of-the-art facility is located at Gurugram, India where we design and manufacture RFID Tags in various frequency ranges including LF, HF and UHF. Our facility also has an in house capability to test tags for frequency Q factor, orientation, water protection, hot and cold temperature resistance, humidity and strength. Having over a decade of experience, our expertise has enabled us to be a pioneer in launching new tags and projects for quality conscious markets such as Germany, Holland, UK, Ireland, Japan and USA. Omnia has become globally recognized brand.

What We Do?

We design & manufacture passive RFID tags that fulfil the needs of various industries. Our in-house R&D lab consisting of expert analysts, engineers, and designers, focused on developing and customizing high performance, innovative and industry specific tags. The RFID tags we design & manufacture are used in a wide array of applications such as Animal Identification, Waste Management, Laundry Management, Inventory and Asset Management, Access Control, Patient Tracking, Electronic Toll Collection, Jewellery Management and many more.

We also have a comprehensive in-house IoT product portfolio which includes BLE tags, BLE-based temperature data loggers, live temperature & location IoT sensors and other smart IoT devices in order to solve complex traceability and tracking challenges for various businesses.

Omnia Technologies

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Pranay Seth
Pranay Seth
General Manager (Sales and Marketing)
Gurugram, India

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