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Avery Dennison Intelligent Labels Food Lab Unveiled in Shanghai

Image: Avery Dennison

Avery Dennison Intelligent Labels Food Lab Unveiled in Shanghai

A New Generation All-in-One Back Rooms Data Management and Printing System Makes its China Debut!

Avery Dennison, the world's largest UHF RFID partner, unveiled its Avery Dennison Intelligent Labels Food Lab, with its Freshmarx® Central all-in-one back-of-house data management and printing system making its China debut, to drive the digital transformation across the food industry in the post-pandemic era.

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At the Shanghai Food Lab, Avery Dennison is aiming to vividly bring to life a bold and innovative collaboration between Avery Dennison Intelligent Labels and ecosystem partners. At this unique space, visitors can experience how Avery Dennison’s intelligent solutions give food its unique global digital identity which demonstrates product provenance, a reassuring journey to trace every step of the product journey from farm to fork, unlocking exciting innovations and enabling end-to-end traceability.

“With the establishment of the Food Lab, we are able to showcase Avery Dennison Intelligent Labels’ commitment to bridging the physical and digital worlds, thus making it possible to create new value and unshakable trust, and deepen the role that physical products can play in the food industry,” said Dennis Khoo, GM of Intelligent Labels, Greater China, Avery Dennison. 

In the COVID-19, consumers are attaching greater importance to healthy, safe and fresh food and a frictionless shopping experience. They demand greater comprehensiveness in food information — an urgent need to trace the source of everything from producers, processing methods to ingredients. 

At the Food Lab, visitors will have the chance to experience high levels of visibility into the inventory and supply chain. Every product with RFID identity can be digitally combined and documented by blockchain, making it possible to see the product’s whole, true life story with a click or QR code scan, eliminating the need for manual checking drastically.

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The Avery Dennison Intelligent Labels solutions also make it possible to align inventory with location-specific demand, better manage product expiry and recalls and create truly connected back rooms and kitchens, thus helping to reduce waste and ensure food safety.  

In addition, the Freshmarx® Central all-in-one back room data management and printing system, based on the Android OS, provides the ability to support various applications that help ensure food safety, improve productivity, drive sustainability, and optimize customer experience. Featuring both user friendliness and flexibility, Freshmarx® Central enables the second shelf-life management by continuously launching applications programmes and cloud-based interconnectivity to address the unique challenges of kitchens, supermarkets and convenience stores.

“With the New Retail megatrend rising in China, digitalization is driving tremendous changes across the entire food industry. The customized solution of Avery Dennison Intelligent Labels is, as always, enabling customers to address their most urgent challenges and make continuous innovations, as well as partnering with them to make sure they stay one step ahead in the dynamically changing markets,” Dennis Khoo added. 

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